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Renewable in a Sentence 🔊 Prev Word Next Word. Definition of Renewable. to be lengthened for a longer period of time, or able to be recreated. Examples of Renewable in a sentence. Because my current one is renewable, I never need a new identification card for college. Renewable in a sentence. Renewable; The renewable energy age is here. Renewable energy can solve that problem. and metals, 31% of our energy needs will be supplied by renewable resources in and % is the target by Allmerica's only renewable energy is anger and its number one exports are abuse, tantrums, and assaults. How to use nonrenewable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word nonrenewable. nonrenewable example sentences. Every time we buy or use a product that is made from nonrenewable resources, that is a tiny piece of our planet that can never be replaced. There are two types of energy used today, renewable and nonrenewable.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Organic products are made from something living, such as plants and animals or from renewable resources and are produced in a natural, environmentally friendly way that does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals.

The biggest advantage to renewable energy is that the energy sources are sustainable, meaning we cannot see running out of them in the near future, unlike oil that is believed to be a non- renewable energy source. The Energy Information Administration EIA states that hydropower accounts for 6 percent of all electricity production in the United States, and nearly 70 percent of electricity generation from renewable renewable resources sentence sources.

With new emerging technologies and improvements of existing renewable energy sources, dependency upon foreign oil and other fossil fuels that pollute the planet can eventually be replaced with clean sustainable energy sources. In Pennsylvania, waste coal and methane from coal mines are defined by the state as renewable energy sources and eligible for the same tax breaks, funding, and government support as solar cells and wind turbines.

With the desire to assist project developers and entrepreneurs who are needed finances as well as those investors looking for financing vehicles, the Renewable Energy Finance Network Directory contains a wealth of information, renewable resources sentence.

Through various activities and events throughout the year, renewable resources sentence, the MREA promotes and explains sources of renewable energy and offers tours at the ReNew the Earth Institute to demonstrate various renewable energy sources and how they work.

While its share of meeting the nation's energy needs is renewable resources sentence small, the number of photovoltaic panel installations grew 40 percent inaccording to data from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

According to the Energy Information Association, renewable energy accounts for roughly eight percent of the country's total energy supply, with hydroelectric power dominating the field, and accounting for 35 percent of renewable energy use. Priding itself on ecologically friendly practices such as the use of renewable energy, renewable resources sentence, the restaurant's food is seasonal and the menu changes based the local availability of ingredients.

Professor Nick Jenkins is a leading expert in renewable energy, distributed generation and high power electronic systems. The governing enactments for England are now the Municipal Corporations Actpart iv. Covers wood-fired boilers, pellet stoves, solar water heating, and other small-scale renewable energy systems. Renewable Electricity Price Comparison This Energylinx calculator is unique in that they allow renewable resources sentence to compare the prices of all energy suppliers. All vehicles replaced by hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with zero CO 2 emissions, powered by renewableshort-rotation coppice produced fuel.

Renewable energy features include: solar electricity, biomass boiler supplied by wood renewable resources sentence on site, rainwater collection, renewable resources sentence. The renewable energy they do produce is exempt from the Climate Change Levy. Dulas Ltd - Highly skilled and experienced renewable energy consultants specialize in wind power, hydro power, solar power and biomass wood energy, renewable resources sentence.

Industrial sectors like the forest products industries are currently using renewable biomass feedstocks. These exports will continue for at least ten to fifteen years, with levels rising as new renewable generation comes on-line, renewable resources sentence. Local distribution company compliance is required for connection of the renewable generator to the national grid. The money will be spent enabling the gas network to take more imports renewable resources sentence linking more renewable energy sources to the electricity grid.

The ordinary householder gets one or more Renewable Energy systems in their home, which could turn out to be a capital asset. In fact, although the AfH approach uses sustainable material and renewable energy, renewable resources sentence, its inherent ' greenness ' is largely incidental.

The research will concentrate on electricity supply including both the purchase of green electricity and the on-site installation of CHP and renewable energy facilities. Wood is renewablehas low embodied energy and is an excellent insulator. The only realistic value is the rent, what a willing lessee will pay a willing lessor for a perpetually renewable annual lease. Made from premium grade Scandinavian redwood from renewable plantations, renewable resources sentence, which will mellow to a honey brown with weathering.

Wind power seems like the perfect answer to our energy problems - it is clean, non-polluting and infinitely renewable. Subscription to The British Veterans Recognition Card is an annually renewable membership offering a number of benefits.

Some resorts in the Alps are already using entirely renewable energy. This policy is automatically renewable each month, with the payment being taken by Direct Debit. There will be enough renewable energy to support those who can tap into it. Merkel argues she wants a broad mix that includes solar and wind energy, two renewable sources the past government heavily subsidized. The primary structure is a renewable resources sentence frame consisting of over 1, cubic meters of renewable European whitewood formed into paired columns and beams.

Renewable energy is vital to protect the environment and I think wind farms are the way forward for Northern Ireland. Its purpose was to enable a competent commission, renewable in part each year, to utilize a portion of funds entrusted to it in inquiries on the best methods of furthering the interests of the community, and, when the funds became large enough, to apply their income directly renewable resources sentence schemes of betterment, renewable resources sentence.

After this time, renewable resources sentence, membership will run for a 12 month period renewable on each calendar anniversary.

Such forms of renewable energy generation would not necessitate the proposed grid upgrade. In Aprilthe Agreement was extended to cover the full field of renewable energy technologies. The appointments are renewable after renewable resources sentence years but cannot exceed eight years. Fellowships are for five years in the first instance possibly renewable in two installments up to 10 years.

So she was able to offer us renewable resources sentence winter-only mooring, renewable from year to year. The appointment is for a probationary period of five years and is renewable for fixed periods thereafter. This three year initial appointment is renewable for a further term by mutual agreement, renewable resources sentence. Are EU policies regarding energy and renewable technologies compatible with climate change policy?

Also encouragement to install triple glazing using sustainable wood frames instead of UPVC encourage energy suppliers to invest in renewable fuels. Leases generally run for six months or a year with renewable options. It is a form of fossil fuel and is not considered a renewable resource, however, it is considered an alternative fuel because it burns much cleaner than gasoline or diesel.

Renewable : Ethanol is a renewable fuel that comes from agricultural crops, renewable resources sentence. Conserving the energy and resources currently available, and developing new technology and techniques for creating clean, renewable energy sources, renewable resources sentence, are concerns for the present and for the future, renewable resources sentence. These are renewable renewable resources sentence sources and provide clean energy, which does not contribute to global warming.

Tapping Water Reservoirs: While water is often thought renewable resources sentence as a renewable resource, renewable resources sentence, the availability of fresh water of drinking quality is declining. Even better, renewable resources sentence, a Tesla electric car can be charged up using renewable energy.

These homes continue to conserve energy even after they are built by only using renewable resources to heat or cool them. This is an appropriate name as it suggests the sustainable and renewable source of the water, renewable resources sentence. Sure, we are all for conserving our resources, recycling plastic and newspapers, and using alternative methods to heat and cool our homes, but what about financing renewable energy? How are we going to help those who are investing their time and capital in renewable energy so that they can continue renewable resources sentence their research?

Renewable energy comes from renewable resources sentence resources, such as the sun and wind. Renewable energy does not harm the environment nor does it damage the health of humans and animals. This conference will be the third global event on renewable energy policy. To further your understanding on financing renewable energy, visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and The U.

Department of Energy. Americans are clamoring for less reliance renewable resources sentence foreign oil, and less dependency on non renewable fuel sources, while also desiring lowered fuel costs.

As we gain knowledge from soybean fuel history, we can look to the future with hope that clean, renewableand efficient fuel sources will continue to be widespread renewable resources sentence the United Renewable resources sentence and around the world.

Alternative energy is usually considered a break from non- renewable fossil fuels and oil to a renewablecleaner system of producing energy.

Clean energy source that's ultimately renewable and won't harm the planet in any significant ways. Like the sun, wind can also be used to generate clean, renewable energy.

This is one of those times you may want to meet with a renewable energy consultant. While solar and wind are well-known alternative energy sources, there are plenty of other up and coming renewable energy sources. Bamboo is a fast growing crop and is regarded as a renewable resource.

Hardwood trees to eventually grow back, so they are technically a renewable resource. With gas prices so high and energy costs on the rise, everyone is looking into renewable natural resources for an alternative.

Renewable natural resources are those that can be replenished faster than they can be consumed without any artificial intervention. Other natural resources that are being explored for their renewable potential include timber, renewable resources sentence, fresh water, geothermal energy and biomass. These resources are renewablebut require monitoring and care in order to avoid over using them.

Hydro power is listed as one of the renewable natural resources because the movement of water generates energy. It is a renewable resource if properly managed, unfortunately heavy deforestation in many areas presents its own challenge maintaining timber as a renewable resource, renewable resources sentence.

The bamboo plant is quick to grow and this makes it a perfect renewable resource. Renewable resources sentence interested in green living are keen to buy items that come from renewable resources as these are environmentally friendly. While the fiber is from a renewable resource, it has also traveled thousands of miles to its end destination. Compiling a list of renewable resources is a useful way to understand more about the products that we buy and consume every day, renewable resources sentence.

One of the solutions besides consuming less and recycling more is to think about renewable resources and buying or using products that can easily be renewed. There are many definitions of renewable resources, however the main principle is that what ever is used can be replaced in a sustainable fashion.

Therefore energy sources that are grown such as wood and biomass or derived from the weather or nature are completely renewable. Keeping a list of renewable resources is a useful way to learn more about the environment and what steps we can take to help manage it better. Energy that is derived from the sun is a completely renewable resource. Wind energy is another alternative energy source renewable resources sentence is completely renewable. These plants are grown and harvested in a sustainable manner and are renewable.

Keeping a list of renewable resources and thinking about what we are consuming every day will help us better understand what we can do to help protect the environment.

Some materials can be considered green if they are a renewable resource. In order to ensure that these products are truly renewablerenewable resources sentence, it is best to make sure that they are regulated by a third party. Cork is both renewable and biodegradable, but more and more homeowners are installing it because of its ability to absorb impact. As a result, it is critical we continue to look for alternative, renewable resources sentence, renewable energy sources.

SIGG bottles are also fully recyclable once their useful life is concluded, which is particularly important because these bottles are made of a non renewable resource. So the ideals to start with are homes built at a reasonable size using renewable resources that maximize heat in winter and coolness in summer.

Biofuels are part of the green movement towards renewable energy, offering an alternative to the pollution and world dependence created by traditional gasoline, coal, and oil.


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Non-renewable in a sentence. Non-renewable; factor in the cost of non-renewable resource consumption. We are using non-renewable resources at an unsustainable rate. but rather became involved in exploring new vistas and depending less on non-renewable resources such as oil and forests. How to use nonrenewable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word nonrenewable. nonrenewable example sentences. Every time we buy or use a product that is made from nonrenewable resources, that is a tiny piece of our planet that can never be replaced. There are two types of energy used today, renewable and nonrenewable. renewable Sentence Examples. Organic products are made from something living, such as plants and animals or from renewable resources and are produced in a natural, environmentally friendly way that does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals.