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September 15, Lall is widely credited with the development of leading indicators of failure for prognostics health management of electronic systems to allow for early identification of faults that may impair system operation.

Lall is the author and co-author of over journal and conference papers in the field of electronics reliability, safety, energy efficiency, and survivability. Roberts, dean of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. Given the level of criticality and the need for continued reliable operation, 2018 09 wp is important that problems be identified much prior to catastrophic failure. Much of the electronics resides under the hood of the automobile where temperatures and vibration loads are very high, 2018 09 wp.

Ensuring survivability for sustained operation of electronics is a continuing evolving challenge with the miniaturization of electronics. Lall joined the Auburn faculty in after a distinguished 2018 09 wp career at Motorola, where he worked on the development and manufacture of wireless products such as cellphones and two-way radios, 2018 09 wp.

Lall is a fellow of the IEEE, 2018 09 wp. September 14, The intended application for the band is for operators working on the inspection and maintenance on aircraft fuel tanks. The fuel tanks are small, confined spaces in the aircraft, which reside in the fuselage and inside the wings of the aircraft. Inspection and maintenance operations require the operators to climb inside the confined space of the fuel tanks. Oxygen levels in a confined space may become depleted due to oxidation or depletion by another gas.

The typical concentration of oxygen in the environment is When oxygen levels drop from If levels drop further, from 12 percent to 6 percent, fatigue, nausea and vomiting will occur. 2018 09 wp dual-use aspect of the technology may include the following applications: monitoring of vitals of workers in high-heat environments to determine when workers need to come out of the heat before the effects of heat stress become a physical risk factor and monitoring of an individual worker in a hazardous environment.

If the status is OK, the app continues to monitor silently. However, if the operator is in imminent danger, or in need of medical attention, the app autonomously contacts emergency medical services with the GPS location of the operator and details the condition of the operator and the nature of the medical condition.

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